New Features - App & Server Side Upgrades

Effective November 21, 2018 watch for updates available (or new app behavior for those on auto-update).  We're constantly working to IMPROVE our product, based on feedback from our AWESOME client base!

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Important new updates to ARMS for iOS

ARMS is always working diligently to improve what happens behind the scenes and your use of ARMSAPP. We have a recent update to make our Apple users aware of.

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Awesome NEW Auto Check in Feature

We've been working very hard on a new auto-check in feature for our users.  Based on feedback from our users, we have developed a new optional feature for users that drive on the highway while using the ARMS App system.  Auto Check in allows you to use the ARMS system and stay safe, without ANY distractions from your driving operations.

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New Notification Features & Panic Mode Features

The new tracking notification feature allows a supervisor to be alerted when the ARMS system is activated or deactivated for any of their staff.  This is a handy tool to ensure your team is using ARMS on a regular basis.

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Breadcrumb Trail Update Completed

Today, a new update was rolled out to iPhone and Android called the "breadcrumb update"

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Worker dies after fall at elementary school

Canadian OH&S News) — A worker at a construction site in Lethbridge, Alta. has died of his injuries after falling from a roof, according to information from the oh&s division of the province’s Ministry of Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour.

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Man dies in Clairmont after fall from roof

The ARMS system is designed to help prevent these types of fatalities.  While ARMS cannot prevent a fall from happening, it can alert 911 services if the person is injured, but still alive.  ARMS helps to protect the lives of your employees

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Oil staffer found dead next to overturned ATV

It is extremely unfortunate to read this news story.  Our hearts and prayers go out to the person who suffered and died because of this incident.  It is these types of accidents that spawned our desire to create the ARMS system.  

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