Work Alone Safety Made Easier

When you are working alone ARMS tracks your location and ensures you are O.K. via an easy check in system.

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Secure, not intrusive

When the A.R.M.S. service is activated, you are securely tracked. If you miss a check-in, we will contact your supervisor and/or dispatch emergency response services to your location. When A.R.M.S. is disabled there is absolutely no tracking performed.


When A.R.M.S. is active, your location is provided on a LIVE Google Map. In an emergency our team can track your location, rate of travel, and direction of travel, and provide that to emergency services.

24/7/365 live agents

What sets us apart is we provide a VERY simple and easy to use system, that is backed by LIVE agents that will contact you right away in the event you miss a check in. Our agents are all located in Canada.

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