Automate Your Safety Monitoring

A.R.M.S. improves your company productivity & automates the safety check in process saving valuable time for your staff.

Improve Worker Safety

Protect your workers with pre-set check in intervals, up to two hours. Setup a pre-determined check in interval of 30, 60, or 120mins.

Protect Your Staff

Ensure your staff are safe by enforcing a mandatory check in. This is a pro-active check, ensuring that they are OK

Track Location

Every few seconds your location is calculated via GPS, and sent up to the A.R.M.S. servers. If you miss a check in, 911 can be dispatched.


We've designed our system to be extremely easy to use. It takes only a few seconds to check in. No more calling in and waiting on hold for your safety operators.

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Efficient Workforce

Improve your field workers' efficiency by having a near real-time mapping system using Google Maps for any staff that have A.R.M.S. enabled

Location Awareness

Find out where all your staff are located in a near real-time mapping system. One click link to dial or SMS their mobile device

Find Them Quick

If a worker misses a check in, their push pin will bounce up and down to alert you that there is a problem. Of course, your 24/7 monitoring staff will also be immediately contacting them in this situation as well.

Protect Worker Privacy

When A.R.M.S. is disabled, absolutely no tracking data or other information is collected. This gives your staff the peace of mind knowing they have A.R.M.S. monitoring them when they need it only.
Automate your check-in process
Our unique app algorithm is able to determine if you are driving, and if so, automatically check you in when your timer expires.

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